Oil on canvas, 36 x 72 X 1 inches, 2010


Prometheus Greek mythology, symbolic fine art painting


My painting of Prometheus looks at the mythological dynamic from two perspectives.  The picture illustrates the phenomena of enlightenment being shared prior to the punishment being executed.

The Greek perspective is that the agent of enlightenment to man, Prometheus, suffers the wrath of the Gods.

The Jewish/Christian perspective is that the receiver of enlightenment, Eve, suffers the wrath of God.

In the background is Zeus looking down from his domain of Olympus.  He appears remote, almost uninterested in the dynamic being played out before him.  Prometheus catches the ray of knowledge that is expressed by Athena emerging from the brain of Zeus and passes it on to the figure in the foreground, the “New Man”.

Eve stands to the left holding the fruit of the underworld, a pomegranate, with which she is now empowered with her consort the serpent.  For her the figure in the foreground is Adam.  However, Adam has evolved into Cain with the knowledge of slaughter, who’s victim is represented by the sacrifical ram before him.

Enlightenment is realizing that we have choice.






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