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Dreaming Empowerment

Dreaming Empowerment Dreaming empowerment, lucid dreaming and astral projection are techniques that provide us with the tools we need to become whole. She Entered Her Dream and Retrieved Her Mask of Power is an oil painting on wood panel, 48 inches by 96 inches, 2013. The picture aims to illustrate that when we discover our inner power and courage our universe becomes rich and vibrant.  We cannot be given this power by another or get it from reading it in a book, although both can be a trigger, it requires our involvement in the adventure of who we are. A […]

Dreaming empowerment

Tarot Card Meanings Our Inner Voice

Tarot Card Meanings Tarot is one of man’s techniques of attempting to put order and rhythm into what appears to be our chaotic and unpredictable lives. As a species, we have a desire for safety and order which is why our minds are impelled to seek patterns in what is perceived as chaos; images seen in clouds or undergrowth are examples. The images we are presented with are generally what we need to see. In divination, we are challenged to see the reasons why we are where we are and what we need to do to move forward. The answers […]

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