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Waiting For Dante, Beatrice At The Inferno

 Waiting For Dante, Beatrice At The Inferno Waiting for Dante,  Beatrice at the Inferno is set in 1960’s England. 1962, Wednesday night, the Orchid Ballroom. I am here with Virgil, a friend I knew from school.  He  left the previous year.  I am still there, so he knows everything or, so he and I think at the time, about the greater world and its secrets.  He is my guide as I attain to the limit of the night. The entrance to the night is a cavern of the new order loud, bright and exciting, a cacophony of chaotic sensory overload, […]



Atavistic Memories or Palimpsest Oil on wood, 2014 Atavistic Memories depicts a male human figure in the throes of recalling the tracks of his heritage back to the dawn of time. In displaying numerous characteristics from these epochs, he evokes the behavior and mannerisms of each in the present. The phenomenon is in harmony with shamanism, psychedelic experiences, creative dreaming and transformational psychology. First shown at Doorways to the Underworld exhibition, Stevens Square Center for the Arts, October 25th 2014 For related information see Dream Language Atavism is the tendency to revert to ancestral type. In biology, an atavism is an evolutionary throwback, […]

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