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The Goat God Cometh, Sun in Capricorn, Tarot Devil

Sun in Capricorn, Tarot Devil, The Goat God Cometh Humor overcomes adversity Sun in Capricorn corresponding to major arcana card Devil explanation, meaning, symbolism and art. In this depiction of the Tarot Devil from Tarot of the Morning Star, we observe the central figure displaying the personality type required for facing adversity which is a sense of humor. This is also emphasized by the entity’s horns, reminiscent of a jester’s cap. The blocks below are the challenges needed to be overcome adversity which become stairs to achievement. The spiral beard is symbolic of time. The image is God and Devil, […]

Sun in Capricorn, tarot major arcana card Devil, its meaning, interpretation and symbolism.

Sagittarius Sun

Sagittarius Sun, Tarot Temperance   Sagittarius Sun, Tarot card Temperance is the water aspect of fire. The appearance of Temperance in a tarot reading suggests that moderation is required in some aspect of the querents life, indicated by adjacent influencing cards, This card could also be called Alchemy due to alchemy being a technique that uses gentle heat. Interpretations may focus on bringing balance to the life of the querent.  Other interpretations may serve as a reminder that a compromise between two seemingly incompatible options is often the best course.  To achieve balance, synthesize your opposites. Temperance is the archetypal […]

Sagittarius Sun Banner

Tarot Third Decan Scorpio

Tarot Third Decan Scorpio Tarot Seven Water, Seven Cups: Illusionary Success Tarot third decan Scorpio corresponds to Seven Water, Cups and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered Seven express attributes of Netzach, the seventh sphere on the QBL Tree of life, whose title is Victory. Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence The planetary correspondence of Netzach is Venus and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Seven” exhibit this astrological body’s quality colored by their corresponding elemental suit of  fire, water, air or earth. These four suits correspond to the four worlds of the QBL: Fire: Atziluth Water: Briah Air: Yetzirah and […]

Third decan Scorpio, Seven Water, Seven Cups. An explanation of the cards symbolism and meaning.

Opening Reception Dreaming of Mythos

Opening Reception Dreaming of Mythos Thursday November 4th, 2021 Time 6pm through 8pm Where University of Minnesota, Coffman Gallery, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455 There will be light refreshments for attendees. As far as COVID protocol goes, all persons inside University of Minnesota buildings (this includes the gallery space) must wear a mask at all times, except when actively eating or drinking. Featured Artists Bailey Larson, Gretchen Pickering, Jeff Musser, Morgan Mercer, Peighton Cooke, Roger Williamson Let the mysterious and fantastical steal you away in this stunning and surreal exhibition at the Coffman Gallery. Meet classical constructs, renaissance […]

Dreaming of Mythos Exhibition, University of Minnesota

Sun In Libra

Sun in Libra Tarot Justice Sun in Libra corresponds to tarot major arcana card Justice and represents a high ideal that is seldom achieved. A state of potential awaiting a decision. Depicting strength and force arrested the card illustrates truth originates from within and we should wait to hear the dictate of our inner voice before making a choice. The cards message in its purest form does not represent man made law but natural law that is not influenced by greed, fear and the rest of humanities short comings. From the standpoint of  bicameral mind theory this tarot card represents […]

Sun in Libra corresponding to major arcana tarot card Justice

Supernatural Art

Supernatural Art Supernatural art and occult art expressed in the work by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson. Williamson’s paintings focus towards metaphysical and symbolic occult themes that build upon classical myths and ancient themes.  They invite viewers into spheres of consciousness characterized by ethereal portraits and kaleidoscopic color palettes presenting a sweeping panorama of preternatural imagery. Aspiring to reintroduce mystery and ambiguity back into the adventure of human existence through the creative process, encouraging artistic audiences towards “living effulgent and invigorating lives, revitalized from the secretions of our subconscious.”             Born in Loughborough, England, in […]

In Times of Perel is an original oil paint depicting a magickal technique of aura control. Paranormal, supernatural art, Minneapolis occult artist

No Holds Barred

A-Z Gallery St Paul My painting Dreaming Within the Fields of Hypnos is part of the exhibition No Holds Barred at the A-Z gallery in St Paul. Argyle Zebra Gallery Sat, Mar 13, 202110:00 AM  Sun, Apr 25, 20212:00 PM AZ Gallery (map) Join us for a juried exhibition highlighting the unscripted work of local and regional artists. With no restrictions on content, scale, material or theme this show is destined to have something for everyone to enjoy from paintings, poetry, sculpture, illustration, photography and more. The exhibition will be open to the public during regular business hours. Saturday & Sunday from […]

Thelema Now Podcast Interview

Thelema Now Podcast Interview Podcast interview with Harper Feist for Thelema Now     Enter Interview Here THELEMANOW.COM Thelema NOW! Crowley, Ritual & Magick: Thelema Now! Guest: Roger Williamson 93 and welcome to 2021! Yay! And not a minute too soon. To kick off the year right, TN’s own Harper Feist spoke to Roger Williamson, who also a Minnesota resident (by way of England). Roger is a visual artist as well as a writer, and in 2020 he re-released his book “The Sun At Night.” Biography Roger Williamson is a visual  artist, residing and creating in Minneapolis Minnesota. Born in […]

Luciferian Parable

A Luciferian Parable , The Sun at Night The Luciferian parable The Sun at Night, revised, expanded, hand numbered and signed limited edition Available now from Magus Books ISBN 978-0-9993813-2-8       Price $80.00 First published in 1989  by Vann Press and reprinted in 1997 by Eshaton Productions. This 2020 release of The Sun at Night is an expanded, revised and limited hand-numbered hardcover edition in a color dust jacket. The Sun At Night follows its protagonist from his early remembrances of his mother’s tales of secret controlling powers behind the facade of the mundane world and into his encounters, involvement, and growth within […]

Luciferian parable The Sun at Night. Occult fiction