Abducted by Dreams or The Religion of Dream

Abducted by Dreams or The Religion of Dream

Abducted by dreams. If we need a religion then let it be from our own inner reality, dreams.  Let it be our Religion of Dream.

Oil on canvas, 24 inches by 20 inches, 2010

Original painting available for purchase from Saatchi Art

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Abducted by Dreams

At an early age I was introduced, by way of astral projection into a technique that has it’s roots as what can only be described as time travel.

Initially I understood the technique to be a way of alleviating trauma precipitated by disagreeable dreams. However over time I came to realize that the concept could be expanded to embrace what can only be termed as time travel.

Over the years I have been asked many times by individuals to assist them with negative issues of dream experiences.

In extreme examples we are talking of being abducted by dreams, meaning an inability to alleviate ourselves from their influence. A form of slavery.

There are dreams which we find disturbing upon waking and the experience continues to hang onto us and trouble us through the course of the day.

First find yourself a quiet space where you can sit or lie and take time to relax.  Once calm move your mind back to your dream and relive it from the beginning. When you reach the point in the dream that created the crisis change it.

It was from these experiences I realized I was practicing a form of time travel. By projecting the mind back to a disturbing event in the past and changing our perspective on that incident we can impact our present and future.  Using this technique of going back in time to an earlier event in our life journey we can change our present to impact on our future.

It is worth considering expanding on this theory by utilizing the technique to move through past and future incarnations.

Featured in the showexhibitions

Abducted by Dreams Solo Show Feb 2010 Espresso Royale Cafe, 1229 Hennepin Avenue,  Minneapolis, MN 55403-1707


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