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Roger Williamson

Roger Williamson, symbolic mythological artist

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Tarot of the Morning Star   Paintings From 2012  Paintings 2013

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Roger Williamson home page.

Includes examples of  original paintings, tarot cards and myth cycles which, like water, have a universal quality wherever they are found on the planet.  Like water, myths become unique because of locality but maintain their fundamental quality.

A holographic image is revealed when a light hits it at the same angle which created it.

I believe an artist’s creation, formed through dynamic interaction with myth, is this required angle that opens in a viewer’s brain to specific memory locations to reveal stored holographic memories as outlined in Michael Talbert’s book The Holographic Universe

The picture, as a switch, brings to the foreground of the viewer’s mind memories of events and possibly events in previous or future lives.  The artist has thus become a shaman/psychopomp.

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