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Magick philosophy of Roger Williamson outlined in his books and dramatized in his original paintings.

Born in Loughborough, England, in 1947 and growing up in Coventry he was inspired from an early age by the French Symbolist painters of late nineteenth century France,

These artistic influences, in conjunction with his own esoteric upbringing and practical experiences of mythology and dream control, form the matrix, a collective oeuvre upon which his paintings and writings are an extension.

Using diverse creative media, whether  painting or writing books, Williamson endeavors to develop techniques that materialize the sensuous dreaming experience into the language of the waking world.  Aspiring to reintroduce mystery and ambiguity back into the adventure of human existence through the creative process, encouraging artistic audiences towards “living effulgent and invigorating lives, revitalized from the secretions of our subconscious.”

Artist Statement

Roger Williamson is the creator of Tarot of the Morning Star deck and the author of The Sun at Night

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  1. Roger Williamson

    Thank you Jermaine. I didn’t know this site was still up so I am sorry for my delay in thanking you for your feedback. My site is Best Wishes Roger Williamson

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    […] First decan Pisces ruled by astrological Saturn corresponds to tarot minor arcana card Eight Water, Eight Cups. Each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered 8 exhibit qualities of intellectual discrimination between beneficial and disadvantageous outcomes because of taking an action . This is because 8 is the number of Hod, the sphere associated with Mercury  on the QBL Tree of life. […]

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    […] Tarot Ten Water, Ten Cups. and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered Ten exhibit qualities of accomplishment and a fixed completion of a project. Whether perceived as positive or negative will be determined by surrounding cards. This is because Ten is the number of Malkuth whose title is Kingdom, the final sphere representing the physical universe on the QBL Tree of life. […]


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