Qlippoth An Alternative View

Qlippoth An Alternative View

In the following discussion on the Lightside QBL Tree and its relationship to the Nightside Qlippoth Tree, I present the argument that there exists only a single QBL Tree, made up of its four worlds organized in a circular and self-sustaining machine.

Qlippoth Tree Traditional Perspective

There is a common belief that there are two QBL Trees of Life: the Light or Dayside Tree and the Dark or Nightside Tree.  The Light Tree, Fig 1, and the Dark Tree, Fig 2 (Fig 1 inverted).

qlippoth, nightside, inverted tree of life, kabbalah
Fig 1
Qlippoth , nightside, kabbalah, cabala, qabbalah, magick, liber 231
Fig 2

When displayed together they are often arranged as in Fig 3.

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Fig 3

Qlippoth, Nightside Alternative Perspective

There is a valid argument to be made regarding this viewpoint. However, it is also worth considering that when we perceive that everything is subjective, we realize that only a single Tree exists.

Diving deeper into this argument and exploring the implications of perceiving reality as a singular entity is beneficial. By recognizing the interconnectedness of the various realms within the QBL, we acknowledge that they function harmoniously together, with each realm influencing and being influenced by the others. In the state of being alive, the four realms of the QBL (Qabalah) are interconnected and interdependent, akin to the gears in a machine, as depicted in Figure 4, often referred to as the “Jacob’s Ladder” arrangement. This understanding underscores the notion that all aspects of existence are intertwined and cannot be isolated from one another.

QBL Machine

Moreover, the analogy of a machine with gears serves as a useful representation of the intricate workings of the QBL. Just as the gears in a well-functioning machine depend on each other to perform their intended tasks, the different realms within the QBL similarly rely on each other. This visual metaphor emphasizes the interconnected nature of these realms and highlights the significance of their collective functioning.

To further advance this argument, exploring how this perspective aligns with various philosophical, magickal, or metaphysical concepts may be worthwhile.

Jacob's Ladder, inverted tree of life, kabbalah, tarot cards, minor arcana
Fig 4

A study of this diagram reveals that when the worlds are arranged as in Fig 4, the sphere Daath, which traditionally does not exist, does exist because it is the Yesod of the world above.  One could describe Daath as being an apparition or alien intrusion of Yesod from the world above.

When a body dies, these four worlds disengage and the sphere Daath is no longer present.  Daath, therefore, is a quality exhibited in a body when it is alive but is not present after the point of death.

Be aware, that it is not only Daath and Yesod that align, other sephirah and paths resonate with each other:  Kether Tiphareth and Malkuth, Binah and Hod, Chokmah and Netzach and paths, Daleth which connects Chokmah to Briah and Peh, which connects Netzach to Hod, the tarot cards the Empress and the Tower. 

Resonating paths can be considered as combinations of notes in music that create a chord, a harmonic. When we look at Fig 4 we see the four worlds, Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah are engaged. 

The Four Worlds Are a Circle

We can take this further by making the four worlds into a circle, by connecting the two “X”, fig 5.

QBL, kabbalah, cabala, qabbalah, magick, liber 231, qlippoth tree
fig 5

When we do this we find that the Tiphareth of Assiah aligns with the Kether of Atziluth.  Fig 5

If we conventionally travel the tree, climbing vertically, the tree is always in its traditional arrangement with Kether at the top.  However if, instead of following the circumference of the wheel of the four worlds, we travel across its diameter, we arrive on the far side of the wheel to find the tree now appears to be inverted with Kether at the bottom, The Nightside. 

New Rational of the Qlippoth

This is what some would call the Qlippoth or Nightside Tree.  However, it only appears to be Qlippothic if we fail to adjust our perspective to the new environment.  Meaning, it is we who are inverted, not the tree, and it is we who need to adjust and realign to the new conditions. 

The condition is like that of being outside of the Earth in space where there is no up or down. When we travel across the diameter of the circle, we are making a dimension shift demanding we make a perspective change to adjust to our new environment. If we do not, when we arrive at our destination, the surroundings will be disordered and chaotic, a condition traditionally referred to as the Nightside or Hell. Regarding perception, here is a quote from William Blake from his work The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”. All this helps us understand that one man’s god is another man’s demon.

Jacob’s Ladder Overview

The Jacob’s Ladder arrangement of the QBL Tree symbolically represents the interconnectedness of the four worlds in the QBL system: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. Unlike the conventional stack-like arrangement, this arrangement emphasizes the harmony and interplay between these worlds.

Expanding on the traditional concept of the Qlippoth from Jacob’s Ladder perspective, envisioning it as a circular formation by linking the two “X” points, we give rise to a three-dimensional, self-sustaining machine. With this perspective we are liberated from societal and religious influences, allowing us to reconnect with the mindset of our ancestors who embraced their place within nature and respected all forms of existence. By accepting the entirety of what exists, seen and unseen, we recognize unity expressed through diversity and the infinite growth that stems from it.

Assimilation of Jacob’s Ladder Overview

Understanding and assimilating Jacob’s Ladder concept of the QBL Tree cultivates a natural state of symbiosis within the practitioner. This state activates the gears of the QBL machine, represented by the spheres of the Tree, resulting in a deeper engagement with its energies through awakening the relationship between the spheres, the 22 paths. Simultaneously, this assimilation deepens our comprehension of the nature of reality and our role within it. It enables us to establish a profound connection with the universe and its underlying energies. Armed with this knowledge, it becomes possible to effect positive change in the material world and foster inner peace and harmony.

Through the utilization of these energies, we gain the power to manifest desired outcomes in our lives. Furthermore, we can employ this knowledge to help others reach their full potential and aid them in healing from trauma or illness.

Simultaneously, the assimilation of this concept also leads to a greater understanding of the nature of reality and our place within it, allowing for a deeper connection to the universe and its underlying energies. This knowledge can be used to help bring about positive change in the material world and to cultivate a deeper sense of inner peace and harmony. 

By accessing and working with these energies, it is possible to manifest our desired objectives into our lives. Additionally, the practitioner can use the knowledge to help others reach their potential and to help them heal from trauma or illness.

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