Jacob’s Ladder QBL Arrangement

Jacob’s Ladder Arrangement

The Jacob’s Ladder¹ arrangement of the QBL Tree symbolically represents the interconnectedness of the four worlds in the QBL, Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. Unlike the conventional stack-like arrangement, this arrangement emphasizes the harmony and interplay between these worlds.

Expanding on the traditional view, Jacob’s Ladder can be imagined as a circle, connecting the two “X” points, fig 1, to create a three-dimensional, self-perpetuating machine. This perspective liberates us from the thraldom of societal and religious influences, allowing us to reconnect with the mindset of our ancestors who embraced their place within nature and respected all forms of existence. By accepting the entirety of what exists, seen and unseen, we recognize unity expressed through diversity and the infinite growth that stems from it.

Understanding and assimilating Jacob’s Ladder of the QBL Tree cultivates a natural state of symbiosis within the practitioner. This state activates the gears of the QBL machine, represented by the spheres and paths, resulting in a deeper engagement with its energies.

Simultaneously, this assimilation deepens our comprehension of the nature of reality and our role within it. It enables us to establish a profound connection with the universe and its underlying energies. Armed with this knowledge, it becomes possible to effect positive change in the material world and foster inner peace and harmony.

Through the adept utilization of these energies, we gain the power to manifest desired outcomes in our lives. Furthermore, we can employ this knowledge to help others reach their full potential and aid them in healing from trauma or illness.

Jacob's Ladder, QBL tree OF LIFE
fig 1
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¹ See fig 1 and 2

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