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The Sun at Night, 2020 expanded and revised edition
Books by Roger Williamson. The Black Book of the Jackal is, finally available in a mass edition. Using an ingenious synthesis between the technique of the Western Occult Tradition and the formula of the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Black Book offers entry points to the seven ancient gates of the Egyptian Underworld.. ISBN 978-0971811218
Black Book of the Jackal. ISBN 978-0971811218
Books by Roger Williamson. A theory and practice manual of ceremonial magic. Using natural phenomena as symbolic representations of inner processes, we are provided a bridge to integrate ourselves back into the fabric of the universe from which we have exiled ourselves.
Howling at the Sky. ISBN 978-1440434143
Books by Roger Williamson ISBN 978-1490988221
Tarot of the Morning Star. ISBN 978-1490988221


Tarot card art. Tarot of the Morning Star Available Now Tarot Oracle of the Morning Star. This Second Edition, Seventy Eight Card Deck Retail Price $44.95 Orders processed by Magus Books and Herbs The tarot card images are a visual representation of the concepts he explores in his books Howling at the Sky, Black Book of the Jackal and Lucifer Diaries. Divination deck Tarot of the Morning Star, second editon by artist and Magus Founder Roger Williamson Seventy Eight Card Deck with booklet
Tarot of the Morning Star 78 card deck. ISBN 9780999381304
The Sun at Night first published by Vann Press 1989. Second edition published 1997 by Eschaton, Third edition due to be released 2019 by Roger Williamson Art
Sun at Night, first edition cover. 
Books Roger Williamson. The Lucifer Diaries is an odyssey of spirit invocations, astral experiences and alien interface that melds into a lavish kaleidoscopic rollercoaster ride through the halls of Amenti, the underworld.
Lucifer Diaries. ISBN 978-0967279718

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The author of several books including The Sun at Night, Lucifer Diaries,The Black Book of the Jackal and Tarot of the Morning Star.
Nobody deserves the “outsider” tag more than Roger Williamson.
Completely self-taught, mysteriously moved in his 40’s to take up the
brush, gloriously isolated from mainstream curatorial prerogatives paints for no one but himself. Even if every other mammal stepped off the planet, he’d almost
surely go on doing his Muses’ dirty work. Yet the artist hasn’t a
single naive bone in his body. And while (the odd portrait excepted) he
strictly depicts images from his own rich inner life, Williamson, like
the universe itself, loathes stasis.
Wanderlust and constant self-transformation figure in every aspect of
the UK transplant’s life, from his ongoing exploration of ceremonial
magic, shamanism, and a few dozen related disciplines to his nine
published books. Equally adept at tweaking received themes and
representing newly broached regions of his deepest psyche, Williamson
defies cookie-cutter assumptions about visionary artists simply by
following his heart. Neither prophet nor poet the painter most often
finds (and/or loses) himself playing journalist/spy in some of quantum
reality’s diciest opportunity zones, intent on bringing us everything
Prometheus didn’t. –Rod Smith