Comets Ov Cupid CD “Vril Kosmische Urkraft

New Comets Ov Cupid CD “Vril Kosmische Urkraft” now for sale.

CD face features High Priestess painting by artist/writer/occultist Roger Williamson.
$10 + 2.99 shipping and handling.  To purchase go to Comets Ov Cupid.

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Comets Ov Cupid is a gothic space rock project by Jason Kesselring : cosmic music evoking a sense of eternal twilight with a sonic landscape of distorted voices, cosmic pulse and hazy drones. Guitar based in composition that goes from full blow metalgazer bliss out to melancholy astral folk. “Vril Kosmische Urkraft is the third release featuring 9 faustian tone poems. A descent to the middle of the earth to the outer reaches of infinity.  Read More 

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