Evocation and Invocation

Evocation and Invocation

Evocation and Invocation, oil on wood, 55 x 28 inches, 2020.

evokation, evocation, magickal machine,

Evocation and Invocation are magickal states of consciousness.

This painting depicts the Magickal Machine Sixteen, a formula derived from a specific arrangement of the QBL Tree of Life that summons our individual daemon.

A Magickal Machine is a conscious act of inducing a controlled schizophrenic state within its participants. 

Through the performance of magickal machines we awaken within our faculties the ability to communicate with extradimensional entities. Aliens.

Clive Barker, in his 1986 story Hellbound Heart which was adapted into the movie Hellraiser, took the concept of the Magickal Machine and adapted it into the Hellraiser puzzle box

Magick is a general term for techniques necessary to induce experiences of dimensional interface with complexes¹ believed to exist either within or without the practitioner and or inhabiting this or other dimensions.

Analysis of Magick reveals it to be an engine for obtaining dimensional interface through consciously inducing a controlled schizophrenic dream obsession within an individual practitioner or group of practitioners.


1 Complex, meaning a compound or whole that is composed of interconnected parts which could include physical life form, an entity, or psychological condition. These states of being have the potential to be organised or disorganised.

Original painting available for purchase from Saatchi Art