Princess Earth

Princess Earth Princess Earth is the sixteenth and final tarot Court Card and as such represents a hidden spirit or Goddess. She is the culmination and synthesis of the previous 15 cards. This is symbolized by the card, as depicted in the Tarot of the Morning Star deck, as the princess holding a fox. When a fox has gone to ground, retreated to its lair, the phenomenon is referred to as the animal having gone to earth. Normally, the fox will do this to escape danger. Being the last in a sequence, Princess Earth is symbolic of a door to […]

Princess Earth

Sun Enters Sagittarius, Tarot Card Temperance

Sun Enters Sagittarius, Tarot Temperance Sagittarius the water aspect of fire who’s corresponding tarot card is Temperance. The appearance of Temperance in a tarot reading suggests that moderation is required in some aspect of life indicated by adjacent influencing cards, This card could also be called Alchemy, alchemy is a technique that uses gentle heat. Interpretations may focus on bringing balance to the life of the querent.  Other interpretations may serve as a reminder that a compromise between two seemingly incompatible options is often the best option.  To achieve balance, synthesize your opposites. Tarot of the Morning Star Revised and […]


Tarot Queen of Fire

Tarot Queen of Fire, Water of Fire The human machine personality type represented by the tarot Queen of Fire takes the impetus of the Knight of Fire and directs his energy into images that objectify desires. She radiates composure in the face of adversity expressing decorum and exuding her unique identity. She is an Empress or Tzarina through whom inherited authority from previous generations emanates. Beautiful without being flamboyant, she teases traditionality with allusions of originality. While often radiating the delicacy of a rainbow, if opposed she can express the aggression of a lioness in relentless pursuit of her thirsts […]

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Goddess Shakti

Goddess Shakti Goddess Shakti will be on display as part of the 2017 // Annual call-for-work curated by Joel Coleman at the Gamut Gallery.</ahref=”https:> Opening Saturday November 4th at 7 PM – 11 PM Goddess Shakti whose consort is Shiva.

Goddess Shakti Goddess Shakti whose consort is Shiva. Shakti

Tarot Prince Water, Odysseus

Tarot Prince Water, Odysseus Prince Water Odysseus from the soon to be released Tarot of the Morning Star second edition deck. I selected a detail from my painting Odyssey for the Prince of Cups, the wily Odysseus being I feel, an appropriate personality type for the attributes the card signifies. All members of his crew die but Odysseus survives through his gifts of subterfuge, slight of hand and cunning. Achieving his goals by any means necessary. It is worth considering that the individuals represented by his crew might be aspects of his personality which are stripped away through the course […]

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Sun Enters Scorpio, A Point of Depature

Sun Enters Scorpio, Tarot Card Death A Point of Depature Tarot Death, Scorpio, illustrates the cycle of life that has little regard for individuality and is associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio. There is no death, only change.  We do not die, we move into another realm. There is no death, only transformation.  There are no ends only points on the circumference of a circle. These remarks tie into the concept that, what we think of as ourselves, is in fact a host for another entity incubating within us. Ruthless and spontaneous reaction to incidents. No sense of personal […]

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Tarot of the Morning Star Release Update

Tarot of the Morning Star Second Edition Deck Release Update Update. Due to some last minute unexpected edits Tarot of the Morning Star  deck second edition has been delayed for a few weeks. The release date is now set for November 10th. As soon as the deck is available orders will be processed by Magus Books at this link  or by visiting their store Magus Books & Herbs, 1848 Central Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 . Please accept my apologies for this unexpected delay. This second edition of Tarot of the Morning Star is a 78 card deck accompanied by a basic […]


Sun Enters Libra Life Hangs in the Balance

Libra Tarot Justice Tarot Justice corresponds with the zodiac sign of Libra. It represents a high ideal that is seldom achieved. A state of potential awaiting a decision. Depicting strength and force arrested the card illustrates truth originates from within and we should wait to hear the dictate of our inner voice before making a choice. The card does not represent man made law but natural law that is not influenced by greed, fear and the rest of humanities short comings. A second revised and expanded edition of Tarot of the Morning Star is due to be released October 2017. […]

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