Merlin and the Women of the Grail

Merlin and the Women of the Grail, oil on wood, 72 x 36 inches, 2024.

Out of Darkness Springs Hope

Merlin, grail, women, King Arthur, Celtic LegendAt the top of the painting are Merlin and the Women of the Grail, depicted in a realm of light and knowledge. However, the women have knowledge that they conceal from Merlin illustrated by the right-hand figure making the sign of silence.

In the darker depths of the painting, the Chthonic Celtic underworld, is the White Stag of Inspiration and Quest alongside the sleeping Arthur, the Once and Future King.

These characters in the shadows of the painting are in a state of yet-to-be-born potential, from the lands of oblivion, unaware of the forces that are operating behind the world.

The hawk, in his role of moving between the worlds of light and dark, represents a Mercury/Hermes character type.