Tarot Seven Pentacles Seven Earth

Tarot Seven Pentacles Earth, Minor Arcana, Third Decan Taurus

Seven Pentacles depicts the binary code image of seven on a background of dried wood
Seven Pentacles, Seven Earth. Rules third decan of Taurus

Seven Pentacles, Seven Earth. Each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered 7 express qualities of pleasure, calm and beauty . This is because 7 is the number of Netzach, the sphere associated with Venus  on the QBL Tree of life.

Abandoned Success

Abandoned Success is the title of Seven Earth representing the third decan of the astrological sign of Taurus. This third decan of Taurus is allocated to Saturn. The Venus Taurus combination brings out sensuality.

One might consider this quality of sensuality the catalyst for success being abandoned, which in some situations it could well be. However, we should also consider how sensuality can be directed towards one’s personal advancement. In this example other cards of a Machiavellian persuasion would illustrate an appearance of this personality type behavior.

Netzach has the attribute of victory and with victory can come complacency and neglect of focus. This is the situation manifested by the appearance of Seven Earth.
This card illustrates the condition encountered when not acting on opportunities summoned by the previous card Six Earth. Loss of interest in a project or boredom are other signatures of this state.

The Venus influence induces contentment and enjoyment of one’s achievements. This, in conjunction with the presence of Saturn, creates a condition of non activity where past success is dissipated.The Lotus Eaters featured in Homer’s Odyssey is an apt depiction of this human personality condition.

When failure to divine the cards meaning regarding a question one should allow ones mind to fall back upon the archetypal, bicameral influence of Major Arcana card Hierophant for elucidation.

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