Tarot Card Ace Meaning

Tarot Card Ace

Appearance of Tarot Ace in a Reading

Tarot card Ace indicates potential only for a specific elemental current to appear or disappear. It is signiffing conditions are conducive for the entrance or retreat of the elemental current it represents.

In a reading, we are alerted to an element’s potential  presence by its Ace. The elemental development will become apparent by the flow of cards that follow.

Being without polarity, an Ace is neutral. Because of adjacent or subsequent cards, its ionization will determine its corresponding element’s appearance, or disappearance. It will be positive or negative depending on the cards that follow.

You can see I have incorporated binary figures for illustrating the values of Minor Acana cards 1 through 10. I have adopted this format because binary is a more universal language.

To reiterate, Aces represent pure potential, their energy only becoming apparent through examination of surrounding and following cards.

Elemental qualities of the Aces have a relationship with the seasons of the year. As an example, I include some keywords for the zodiacal year.

Ace of FIre Spring Impulse to express, expand and create

Ace of Water Summer Fruition, ripening of ideas and projects

Ace of Air Autumn Loss, closing, putting to rest

Ace of Earth Winter Patience, consolidating, preparing, incubating.

Images of the cards are taken from Tarot of the Morning Star

Tarot Ace Meaning
Ace of Fire
Tarot Ace Meaning
Ace of Water
Tarot Ace Meaning
Ace of Air
Tarot Ace Meaning
Ace of Earth

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