Tarot Knight of Water Knight of Cups

Tarot Knight of Water Knight of Cups

Tarot Knight of Water rules from 20 degrees Aquarius through 20 degrees Pisces

Tarot Knight of Water, Cups
Knight of Water Knight of Cups

Knight of Water represents the human personality machine Fire of Water, attributed to astrological sign Cancer, corresponding to tarot major arcana card Chariot

Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence

Tarot Knights fall on Chokmah, the second sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life, that has the planetary attribute of Uranus. This influence causes Knight of Water to see the world in unique ways from a focal point of deep emotional understanding. 

The psychic and healing qualities of water, coupled with a desire for the unusual represented by Uranus, often results in pursuits of what is called alternative healing. However, these so-called “alternative” forms of healing and desire for cohesion have their roots in the traditional healing techniques of our ancestors. This ancestral component is derived from a quality of the ruling astrological sign of Cancer.

Traditional healing techniques were considered art and other techniques more commonly classed as arts today were part and parcel of the healing process. The focus was on the whole person or situation viewed as a cohesive system of diversity that was more than just the sum of its parts. Unlike today, where we tend to focus on specifics.

Uranus and Cancer are the backdrop upon which the overall persona of the Knight of Water personality type is projected..

Personality Type

With Knight of Water  personalities, we witness a combination of astrological sign Cancer and the planetary influence of Uranus that introduces desires to bring solace to others.

This personality type is empathic: seeking to understand the mental and emotional states of themselves and others, due to their propensity to be sensitive to the effects of  outside stimuli.

Knight of Water types desire to see and experience how parts work together, symbiotic as opposed to inquiry through predation. Their acquisition of knowledge is through the study of living organisms and the relationship of their diverse parts, especially in regard to healing. To this end, their focus is directed toward the physiology of herbs and the biological process of healing with herbs to assist those in need. Illnesses are understood as relational, where treatment is focused on the whole being: body, mind and spirit and their balance in relationship to the environment.

 They are graceful in their interactions and pursuits, which can sometimes appear as indolent, sensual or maybe even decadent to others not of their persuasion. They have an affinity with the environment and receive much solace engaging with the natural world.

Just as the oceans of our planet  absorb positive and negative influences, so Knights of Water absorb the world’s joys and stresses, making them an emotional sponge. Because they are extremely sensitive to outside stimuli, just as are the oceans are sensitive to earthquakes and wind, so these personalities can appear to be victims of environmental change. This perspective misses the  point that Knight of Water types are expressive because of being in tune and sensitive to their surroundings. Because of this they have a natural ability also for prediction by understanding the rhythms that underlie existence.

Knight of Water personalities trust personal intuition, and as a result appear impulsive,  another simulacrum of reference to the ocean.

The key to success for these personalities is to harness their sensitivity and predictive insight by objectifying it into productive pursuits. This will demand occasionally removing themselves from phenomena to recuperate energies which have been drained through their desire in assisting and feeling compassion for others. This is why it is paramount that conscious focus is directed toward periodically removing themselves for personal time to recharge.

Like all four Knights, Knight of Water personality types are enthusiastic when roused, but with Knight of Water, this usually takes on a flowing sequence as opposed to the abrupt actions of Fire and Air Knights. 

However, blocks to their personal expression through fear of ridicule or fatigue due to sensory overload, can result in sudden vindictive emotional outbursts. Untruthfulness may be exhibited in their attempt to avoid the pain of confrontation.

A Knight of Water  personality perceives connection in all things, whether it be physical health, relationships, design or invention and desires to achieve symmetry through healing in what is perceived to be inhomogeneous.

All of these traits, as is true with each of the tarot cards, will be colored by adjacent and or surrounding cards which provide depth, tone and timbre as do combined notes in a musical chord.

Tarot Knight of Water rules minor arcana decan cards Seven of Fire, Eight of Water and Nine of Water, 20 degrees Aquarius through 20 degrees Pisces.

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