Tarot Two of Fire, Two of Wands

Tarot Two of Fire, Two of Wands, Dominion

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Tarot Two of Fire and each of the minor arcana cards numbered Two, exhibit qualities ascribed to Chokmah, the second sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life.

The planetary quality of Chokmah is Uranus and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Two” express this quality colored by the card’s elemental suit: fire, water, air, or earth.

In Astrology, the energies of Uranus are explosive and electric, bringing dramatic change. Uranus is forward-looking and recoils against tradition, extolling qualities of originality and individuality. Therefore, Chokmah expresses its attributes best through the planet Uranus, which astrology associates with technology, innovation, discovery, and progressiveness.

Astrological Decan Allocation

Two of Fire, as the fire aspect of Chokmah, has the fitting title Dominion, a word expressing powerful and confident taking of power: a personality exuding natural authority believing they are born to rule. The astrological allocation for this decan is Mars in Aries which expresses and strengthens the Uranian quality.

Being the first decan of Aries, the beginning of a new year or cycle, the card asserts the energy and attributes required for commencing new projects. Outwardly, the card exudes the qualities of Mars in Aries blended with Uranian explosive boldness expressed through imaginative daring. A human archetype for this is Alexander the Great, achieving his military prowess and success through originality and unexpectedness. However, this influence does not have a lasting effect, as history has shown in Alexander’s early demise and the short duration of his empire.

Tarot Two of Fire Energy Quality

The Two of Fire represents an energy that is both powerful and abrupt, but short-lived and explosive. For the card to sustain itself and achieve fruition, it needs to feed and channel its energy, requiring other influences. The energy released by the Two of Fire is molded by Established Strength, seen in the Three of Fire, into what will be Perfected Work exhibited in the Four of Fire.

The following passage is taken from Demian by Hermann Hesse concisely extols the virtues of this card Two of Fire. The characteristics of the God Abraxas in the book are not considered good or evil but neutral, just as the forces of nature are not good or evil even though human consciousness might perceive them as such.

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world.

Who would be born must first destroy a world.

The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.”

This passage is especially pertinent to Two of Fire because Abraxas has a numerical value in Greek of 365, the number of days in a calendar year, and secondly, because of the symbolism of an egg to the completed preceding year.

With our transition from Ten Water into Two Fire, we witness the formula of “self-creation”. Having become what we desire to achieve in Ten Water, the final decan of the previous cycle, we invest our past experiences in Two Fire, the first decan of the new cycle, to move on, a process of eternal becoming, nature herself.

For Hesse, who derived his concept from the influence of Carl Jung, he expressed Abraxas as that which is god and devil combining all opposites into one being.

Returning to the combination of Uranus, Aries, and Mars being a function of breaking into a new year creates a mnemonic making it reasonable to conclude this card embodies qualities of the Ancient Egyptian god Set, destroyer of established order who is a breaker with tradition to revitalize existence. In the current example, Two of Fire is the break out from the completed previous year, cycle, symbolized as an egg that closed with Ten of Water.

The appearance of the Two of Wands in a tarot reading indicates dramatic change, either from within or without.

Personality Type

The personality qualities of the court card Queen of Fire are those best suited to receive and translate the specific bicameral voice of the decan to resolve the enigma of the card’s appearance.

Bicameral Signature

In our failure to understand what a card is saying, we should allow ourselves to be driven back on our bicameral inner voice for resolution. In this example of Two of Fire, Two of Wands the major arcana cards Emperor and Tower, corresponding to Aries and Mars are the specific signature voice of this decan, which will be voiced through the personality type represented by the Queen of Fire.

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Major Arcana Emperor
Major Arcana Tower
Queen wands
Tarot Court Card Queen of Fire

Our distant ancestors once saw and heard hallucinated visions and voices, but now we experience these as ideas that emerge from meditating on the ancestor/god images of the paths of the QBL. We attribute these paths to the Major Arcana cards of the tarot.

Tarot and Bicameral Mind Theory

To harness the full potential of the tarot, it is advantageous to develop an eidetic faculty. This ability will empower individuals to instinctively react to life experiences as they appear, through recall of already encountered similar events. When unfamiliar events arise, the querent should refer back to the Major Arcana and Planetary decan cards that underlie the Minor Arcana life events.

Minor Arcana cards, one through ten, represent the attitude of the querent to life situations. Court cards represent psychological types. Together, they are the human biological machine.

Major Arcana cards represent bicameral voices of ancestors, gods, or other alien communications that become visible or audible when original, previously unexperienced, life situations present themselves. I use Dream Linguistics as the term to describe these phenomena.