Tarot Ace Interpretation

Tarot card Ace Interpretation

tarot ace fire, tarot card meaning
Ace of Fire
tarot ace water, tarot card meaning
Ace of Water
tarot ace air, tarot card meaning
Ace of Air
tarot ace earth, tarot card meaning
Ace of Earth

Tarot  Aces when appearing. in a reading indicate the potential appearance of an elemental influence but one that is outside of our personal cognisance. Tarot interpretation of these cards is dependent on adjacent or following cards.

This is reinforced when we refer to the QBL Tree of Life and see the location of the tarot Ace’s is upon the sphere Kether in each of the four worlds.

In the QBL Kether is the most elevated sephirah, most ethereal and indefinable.

For this reason Aces are an essence, a ghost, a non physical presence that we detect through something other than our physical senses.

We become aware of their proximity through an unconscious beguilement of our senses as with the signature of a perfume reminiscent announcing an as yet invisible presence.

This is to say that Aces represent the potential of an influence or situation coming into play that we detect through want of another term premonition.

Be aware that Kether resonates with Tiphareth and Malkuth in the overlay arrangement of the four worlds of the QBL Tree of Life. This arrangement needs to be understood to comprehend the interaction with each of the four worlds of the QBL and their engagement with one another.

For an explanation of this theory see Nightside an alternative view.

It is not that Kether is the gate of ingress to forces outside of the system but it is the root for the appearance of forces within the system of the four QBL worlds allocated to the four elemental tarot suits.

Forces outside of the wheel of the four world system come through the engagement of Daath Yesod combination whose planetary allocations are Pluto, Moon.

See The Nightside an alternative view for an explanation of this crucial arrangement.

Appearance of Tarot Ace in a Reading

A tarot Ace represents the  potential only for a specific elemental current to appear or disappear. It is signifying conditions are conducive for the entrance or retreat of the elemental current it represents.

In a reading, we are alerted to an element’s potential  presence by an Ace. The elemental development will become apparent through the flow of cards that follow.

Elemental qualities of the Aces have a relationship with the seasons of the year. As an example, I include some keywords for the zodiacal year.

Ace of Fire Warm and dry. Spring Impulse to express, expand and create

Ace of Water Cool and moist. Summer Fruition, ripening of ideas and projects

Ace of Air Warm and moist. Autumn Loss, closing, putting to rest

Ace of Earth Cool and dry. Winter Patience, consolidating, preparing, incubating.

Images of the cards are taken from Tarot of the Morning Star