Tarot Prince of Fire, Wands

Tarot Prince of Fire, Prince of Wands

Rules third decan Cancer through the second degree Leo

The Prince of Fire represents the personality type Air of Fire.

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Perseus is the iconographic mnemonic I depict as representing a Tiphareth personality type utilized by Pallas Athena. He is the vehicle through which she directs her influence to right the wrong and cruel action she inflicted upon Medusa.

The picture on the card illustrates his personality type function, an individual capable of entering the shadow world and redeeming the conflictions and oppressions of its denizens, aspects of himself.

The Prince of Fire personality type receives empowerment from otherworldly phenomena, personal inner space, and the influences of his bicameral mind that bring hereditary messages from ancestors. This personality type represents a state of mind instinctively empowered for natural translation and understanding of waking dream conversational interactions. He is the son of Zeus and Danae, the result of an archetypal injection into a mortal woman. An action which symbolizes he is a dialectic between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Through a sequence of diverse mental challenges and teasing conundrums, this personality type demonstrates how we learn to believe in ourselves by confronting the challenges life presents to us.

The card illustrates how a mind that is open to original thinking has an ability to recognize solutions to challenges. Out of fear and stress we can become empowered to take up the sceptre of courage and participate in life‘s adventure. It is to release our faculties of problem solving through an interjection of wisdom and critical thinking.

Medusa, the hapless victim of an assault and rape by Poseidon in the temple of Athena, where Medusa was an innocent priestess, demonstrates how brutality can influence and redirect what was once innocent into what is now ugly. Directed as hate toward others having qualities reminiscent of her attacker.

The rape of Medusa, a priestess and earthly representative of Athena, can be interpreted as a rape of Athena herself. In simple imagery, the myth is a depiction of the consequence of brutal abuse upon what was vulnerable, making it vicious and cruel. The effects of this kind of action upon a beautiful, sensitive individual is to make them bitter and ugly; not necessarily visually ugly, but interactively ugly, because the rape was enacted upon the bicameral mind level. Negative qualities of the Princess of Air

The Prince of Fire personality type has the presence of mind to redirect and release an individual from the thraldom of suffering to become an entity of promise. This formula, symbolized by the escape of Pegasus from the severed head of Medusa, represents interdimensional dialogue. An image often embraced by the artistic community as their vehicle of inspiration.

The Prince of Fire character model is subconsciously attracted to the Princess of Earth, who is a personality aspect capable of taking the enthusiastic drive of this Prince of Fire and harnessing it to achieve productive and practical objectives. We can equate this with the turning of nature‘s wheel from fall to winter to spring. The Prince of Fire is the spark of enthusiasm that is needed to turn the wheel of life from the darkness of winter to the light of spring.

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