Today Thursday September 15th, Dream Linguistics Reception

Today Thursday September 15th, Dream Linguistics Reception 5pm – 7pm

Every picture is a hieroglyph concealing a story

Each story is a spell evoking a picture.

This art exhibition at The Larson Gallery at The University of Minnesota presents Dream Linguistics a display of original paintings by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson.

The exhibition runs from August 18 to September 30 with a Reception: September 15, 5-7PM featuring a live music performance by Comets ov Cupid.

Exhibition Catalog available from Magus Books

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University of Minnesota, Roger Williamson visual artist, art exhibition

This art exhibition interprets the artist’s paintings as examples of nonlinear dialogue,¹ which as a method of communication, is believed to originate from the creative side of the brain.

This way of thinking both transmits and receives communications, as an image, rather than our traditional method of processing communications piecemeal, i.e., letters, words, and phrases.²

As such, it has close correlations to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. This utilization of a wide spectrum of frequencies constructs a collage, a mandala-like multidimensional communication system, stimulating intuitive faculties in contrast to conventional language.

A study of systems such as the Hebrew QBL that incorporates letters, (each of which have an image association, either singularly or in combination), to represent concepts rather than just sound, is a worthwhile introduction to the concept of dream linguistics, as is a study of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Tarot cards are yet another system of communication that relies upon an eclectic array of concepts to transmit a unified message on multiple levels.

Dream linguistics offers an alternative to conventional concepts of communication through its focus upon the imaginative faculty within self-conscious life forms. For this reason, it may be a more suitable vehicle for exchanges of ideas with alien entities, and/or other dimensional beings.

Exhibition Catalog available from Magus Books


¹ Linear narrative has a predetermined series of events that are presented in a specific order. Whereas, nonlinear narrative is not arranged in any particular order, allowing the reader to choose the path in which the narrative follows.

²  A picture is worth a thousand words.