Kundalini Fire Snake

Pheromone Vibrations of the Kundalini Fire Snake

Pheromone Vibrations of the Kundalini Fire Snake. An original fine art symbolic oil painting by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson

Oil on wood, 48 inches by 24 inches, 2017

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Kundalini is a word having its origin in the Hindu language for coiled.

Understanding the nature of pheromones and how to raise and secrete them opens up a wide range of possibilities when interacting with other life forms both in this dimension and others.

This can be compared to communities of social insects, where social control is exerted by pheremones from a queen insect. In bicameral mind theory hallucinatory directions of an invisible directive serve the same purpose. We might consider that what we call imagination is the remaining residue of these long lost voices.

This is no different from our everyday actions which bring into play situations we were not previously aware of. Our actions determine what avenues will open up to us and for many most actions are made without  conscious thought. See Julian Jaynes Collection page 188 for details on this theory.

Relating the Kundalini serpent to the Serpent of Wisdom of the QBL Tree of Life we find its numerical value is 1495 the total number of  the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the paths travelled by the serpent on its journey up the QBL Tree. 1495 = 180 which is the numerical value of a Hebrew word meaning to journey.

Harnessing pheromones of a zone naturally arouses and alerts following zones to our existence. Once these zones are awakened we become aware of them and they to us allowing communication and integration through a Psycho-Neuro web. It is through this integrated web that the adventures of our lives are realised