Tarot Card Images

Tarot Card Images

These tarot cards are from The Tarot of the Morning Star which is a visual representation of the concepts artist Roger Williamson explores in his books, Howling at the Sky, Black Book of the Jackal and Lucifer Diaries.

The deck, which is presently out of print, was first published in 2007 in a limited edition of 75 signed and hand numbered copies.

all tarot cards fool


all tarot cards magus


all tarot cards high priestess

High Priestess

all tarot cards empress


all tarot cards emperor


tarot cards Hierophant


Lovers tarot card from Tarot of the Morning Star

tarot card Lovers

all tarot cards Chariot tarot card from Tarot of the Morning Star


all tarot cards strength


tarot cards hermit


all tarot cards wheel of fortune


tarot card justice


Hanged Man Major Arcana Tarot Card, Tarot of the Morning Star

Hanged Man

all tarot death


temperance tarot card from tarot of the morning star tarot deck


all tarot cards devil major arcana tarot card from Tarot of the Morning Star


all tarot cards tower


all tarot cards star


all tarot cards moon


all tarot cards sun from Tarot of the Morning Star


all tarot cards judgment


all tarot cards universe major


Review by The Alchemy Website

6 March 2010
The Tarot of the Morning Star is a small limited edition tarot of only 75 copies, created by Roger Williamson and published in the USA in 2007. His artwork is printed in a soft focus style with few hard edges, giving it an ethereality. Williamson seems primarily inspired by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, thus many of the card designs use Egyptian forms. The ‘Morning Star’ of this tarot appears to be Lucifer, the Biblical Angel of Light, and many of the images incorporate the interweaving of light. His Fool is a portrait of Lucifer. I am not sure if Williamson would agree, but I found some of his imagery somewhat redolent of the coloured imagery William Blake printed in the margins of his poetry. He comes up with some wonderful new envisagings of the familiar arcana. One is his Hanged Man which delightfully metamorphoses into a bat. The deck comes in a solid red box with a paperback book in which he outlines how his ideas emerged out of his study and experience of the Western Magical traditions.

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