Aura Control

Aura Control as Psychic Self Defence

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In Times Of Peril She Would Call Up All Strange Orders Of Spirits Into Her Aura To Protect Herself From Evil,

Aura Control

Aura control as a technique of psychic self defence is utilized by practitioners, sometimes unconsciously,  to ward off what is perceived as, and known by, psychic attack.

In many ways, the method mirrors the use in medieval times of displaying a grotesque image on churches, such as a gargoyle, to ward off evil influences.

Utterance 759 from the Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt, (found in the pyramid of Unis dating back to the fifth and sixth dynasties) is a protection spell, using a similar concept.  In this example, the speaker frightens the enemy away by making a fierce facial expression.

See R.O. Faulkner, Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts,  Oxford University Press, 1998

A positive application of this technique is the practice of psychic spiritual healing. With this application a practitioner, after receiving consent from a patient, the target, will perform their astral healing manipulations upon the recipient. This procedure is especially common in shamanic circles.

In each of these practises the target and practitioner are not required to be in the same physical location. Therefore an induced and controlled dream ethos, a state which skirts time and space, is the requirement for execution of the procedure. See Abducted by Dreams which illustrates parallel concepts and approaches to implementations of this technique.

Psychic Self Defence and Attack

Before going further, I would like to say the act of psychic attack is very involved, time-consuming and both physically and mentally exhausting. Therefore, when considering if we are being attacked psychically, we should ask ourselves if we really think we are important enough for others to want to take so much time and trouble over us.

This is not to say the phenomena doesn’t occur, many believe it does, but at the same time don’t believe it to be common.

Psychic Defence

Returning to the painting and what it illustrates.

The painting depicts a young woman filling her aura, sphere of sensation, with as many grotesque images from her life experiences as possible to intimidate the psychic body of her attacker. It could also be construed that the young woman’s aura has become a mirror, reflecting the psychic attack back onto her attacker.

In this later example, the origin of the images are from the perpetrator of the attack who’s weapons have been turned back onto them.

When we are repelling influences of psychic attack we should remember we are not attempting to destroy them. We are endeavoring, through what is alchemical action, to return them to their correct place of origin, whether this be in this universe or some other dimension.

This technique of aura control can also be utilized when encountering individuals of a vampiric nature, those who, whenever we meet them, seem to drain us of energy.

Symptoms of Psychic Attack

Symptoms of psychic assault can include a victim’s body feeling highly charged with static electricity resulting in feelings of being on edge and nervous for no apparent reason. Also irritability, physical exhaustion and in extreme cases paranoia are symptomatic indicators.

Prolonged subjection to assault will fixate the mind of the victim on self-aspersion so they become passively engaged in personal annihilation.

The nature of this self-destructive current is an individual’s unwitting manufacture of self-cannibalistic parasitic thought forms evolving from their own imaginations. 

At this stage, vortexes of phantasmagoric scenarios will arise, whose effect imprisons the target in visions of dread and doom.

This is the point where the psychic attack has achieved its objective because the target is now effectively cursing themselves through an obsession with self destruction.

Original painting

In Times Of Peril She Would Call Up All Strange Orders Of Spirits Into Her Aura To Protect Herself From Evil, oil on wood, 48 inches by 24 inches, 2015.

Available from Saatchi Art

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Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn, Francis King

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