Howling at the Sky

Howling at the Sky, Draconian Architecture and the Sabian Keys

Howling at the Sky, Draconian Architecture and the Sabian Keys, a handbook of Draconian Magick. First published in 2002 and reprinted in 2013..

draconian magick
Howling at the Sky

Draconian Magick, Standing at the Edge

The allure of magick – danger

Using natural phenomena as symbolic representations of inner processes, we are provided a bridge to integrate ourselves back into the fabric of the universe from which we have exiled ourselves.  Once integrated, we will again be able to understand the music of the spheres and to comprehend the language of their transmissions.

Using geometric functions, that are the basis of natural growth, we open ourselves up to original states of consciousness and life situations that are unique to ourselves leading us to a reevaluation our life circumstances.

Illustrated with detailed instructions of invoking and banishing machines, guided meditations and an in depth analysis of magical technique.


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