Magical Formula

A Magical Formula

16 Daemon

Sixteen; reconciliation of gender diversity functions within the human biological machine evoking knowledge of Self Love. Oil on Wood, 2023

Magical Formula Sixteen

Magical Formula 16 represents the union of our consciousness and subconscious,  the recognition of our androgynous nature, and the activation of our true potential.  See the Jacobs Ladder QBL Arrangement.

This formula is associated with the tarot court cards Princess of Fire and Prince of Water, an interaction between the Ancient Egyptian concepts of Ba and Ka¹.

¹ Ka is a person’s double separate from the physical body. Our conscious sense of personal identity. Tiphareth of Briah. Air of Water, Prince of Water. Ba is our daemon. Malkuth of Atziluth. Earth of Fire, Princess of Fire.

Original Painting and Prints available from Saatchi Art.