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Minneapolis Artist Roger Williamson

Minneapolis Minnesota artist painter Roger Williamson, original symbolic fine art oil paintings inspired by mythological, and magickal themes, including the major and minor arcana cards of the tarot.

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Roger Williamson is a visual artist who resides and creates in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born in Loughborough, England, in 1947 and grew up in Coventry. From an early age, he was inspired by the French Symbolist painters of late nineteenth-century France.

These artistic influences, combined with his esoteric upbringing and practical experiences in magick, mythology, and dream control, serve as the foundation for his paintings and writings. Williamson uses various creative mediums, such as painting and writing books, to develop techniques that bring the sensual experience of dreaming into the language of the waking world.

His goal is to reintroduce mystery and ambiguity into the adventure of human existence through the creative process. He encourages artistic audiences to live vibrant and invigorating lives, revitalized by the hidden depths of their subconscious.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Roger Williamson is known as the creator of the Tarot of the Morning Star deck and the author of The Sun at Night.

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– Rod Smith

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