A Spirit

Spirit is a  painting by by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson

This modern symbolic painting is an, oil on canvas, 12 inches by 12 inches, 2010, $645

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Spirit was featured in MIA Foot in the Door 2010 and in my short movie Invitation to the Quest

Spirit is a fine art oil painting by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson. Featured in MIA Foot in the Door 2010

Spirits manifest into our realm through multiple vehicles, images seen in clouds, undergrowth, incense smoke and the artists canvas.

There is an example of this phenomena in Lore of Prosperine by Maurice Hewlett chapter A Boy in the Wood.

The following is an extract from A Boy in the Wood

I must have been looking at him for some time before I made out that he was there. So you may peer into a thicket a hundred times and see nothing, and then a trick of the light or a flutter of the mood and you see creatures where you had been sure was nothing. As children will, I had stayed longer than I need, looking and wondering into the wood, not observing but yet absorbing the effects of the lights and shades. The trees were sapling chestnuts if I am not mistaken, Spanish chestnuts, and used for hop-poles in those parts. Their leaves decay gradually, the fleshy part, so to speak, dropping away from the articulation till at last bleached skeleton leaves remain and flicker at every sigh of the wind. The ground was densely carpeted with other leaves in the same state, or about to become so. The silver grey was cross-hatched by the purple lines of the serried stems, and as the view receded this dipped into blue and there lost itself. It was very quiet—a windless fall of the light. To-day I should find it most beautiful; and even then, I suspect, I felt its beauty without knowing it to be so. Looking into it all without realising it, I presently and gradually did realise something else: a shape, a creature, a thing of form and pressure—not a wraith, not, I am quite certain, a trick of the senses.