Tarot Moon an Explanation

Tarot Moon

The path of the Moon from Tarot of the Morning Star.

The path of the moon represents our magic mirror/sphere of sensation, where we see reflected the world behind the world.  It is the astral realm that is the structure upon which the fabric of the world of our senses hangs.

Through cleansing our sphere of sensation, our sense of perception, we can create our universe as we choose to see it.

The path is guarded by two wolves, Wep-wawet and Anubis, deities from ancient Egyptian belief whose titles offer a key to what they represent, We-wawets  Opener of the Ways and Anubis Lord of the Sacred Land.

When we overcome our fear of what these deities symbolize within us then we are making our first steps toward becoming whole.

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Tarot of the Morning Star

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