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Sun in Capricorn, Tarot Devil, The Goat God Cometh Humor overcomes adversity The Sun in Capricorn is associated with the major arcana card, the Devil. The card is depicted as overcoming adversity through humor. In the illustration of the Tarot Devil from the Tarot of the Morning Star, the central figure embodies humor, symbolized by the entity’s horns resembling a jester’s cap. The blocks at the bottom of the card symbolize the challenges that need to be overcome, transforming adversity into steps toward achievement. The spiral beard represents the passage of time. The image represents the duality of God and […]

Devil Sun in Capricorn corresponding to tarot major arcana card Devil

Earth Shaker

Earth Shaker, Poseidon Oil on wood, 48 x 48 inches. Begun in 2018 and completed in 2023. Earth Shaker is an epithet for the ancient Greek god Poseidon, the deity associated with the ocean. The painting was inspired by a bronze statue housed in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens. The statue was discovered in the ocean at Artemisium Poseidon was an important figure in ancient Greek mythology and one of the twelve Olympian deities. He was primarily known as the god of the sea, water, storms, earthquakes, and horses. In Greek mythology, Poseidon was characterized as a formidable and volatile […]

Greek God Poseidon Banner

Second Decan Cancer, Three Water, Three Cups

Second Decan Cancer Second decan Tarot Three Water, Cups,  and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered Three, express attributes of Binah, the third sphere on the QBL Tree of life whose title is Understanding. Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence The planetary correspondence of Binah is Saturn and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Three”, exhibit this planet’s quality. These qualities will be colored by their corresponding elemental suit of  fire, water, air or earth. These four suits correspond to the four worlds of the QBL: Fire: Atziluth, Water: Briah, Air: Yetzirah and Earth: Assiah. Three of Cups is a card […]

Second Decan Cancer Tarot card Three of Cups, Three Water. Abundance.


Kephera The Sun at Night Sold by Saatchi Art, London, United Kingdom Oil on canvas, 50 inches by 36 inches, 2007. View the original painting on Saatchi Art Kepheri the ancient Egyptian God is symbolic of “coming into being”. The word “kheper” means “to emerge” or “to come into being”. Other spellings include Kheper, Khepera, Chepri, and Khephir. The painting is featured as the disc art on the Comets Ov Cupid CD Western Lands, as the cover art for the book Howling at the Sky, and as the card backs of Tarot of the Morning Star deck.

Sun at Night Kephera Saled

White Stag

Rain Taxi featuring White Stag Invitation to the Quest CURRENT PRINT EDITION Volume 27, Number 4, Winter 2022 (#108) To purchase issue #108 using Paypal, click here. To become a Rain Taxi member and get a full year of quarterly print issues delivered to your door, click here. INTERVIEWS Dara Barrois/Dixon: Poetry is Elemental  |  interviewed by Lesle Lewis Carl Watson: Relentlessly Culpable  |   interviewed by Jim Feast FEATURES Of Shapes and Shifting: The Fiction of Pauline Melville  |  by Alicia L. Conroy The New Life  |  a comic by Gary Sullivan Susan Lewis’s Sublimations  |  by Burt Kimmelman Plus: White Stag cover […]

Six Water Pleasure, Second Decan Scorpio

Six Water Pleasure, Second Decan Scorpio,  Six of Water, rules 10 degrees through 20 degrees Scorpio.   Tarot Six Water and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered “Six” express attributes of Tiphareth, the sixth sphere corresponding with Sun on the QBL Tree of life, whose title is Beauty. Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence The planetary correspondence of Tiphareth is Sun and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Six” exhibit this astrological body’s quality colored by their corresponding elemental suit of  fire, water, air or earth. These four suits correspond to the four worlds of the QBL: Fire: Atziluth Water: Briah […]

Six Water, Pleasure, Cups, Tarot of the Morning Star, Roger Williamson

Sun Leo

Sun Leo, Tarot Strength Tarot Strength. Is strength taking the fruit, or refusing the fruit? The split in the pomegranate represents the act of decision and the seeds within the countless once hidden, but now visible, possibilities. Whether accepting the fruit or declining the fruit there will be repercussions. You can only do what you feel is right. There is no right or wrong there is only what works for you. An act of submission is sometimes an act of strength. As an example of a bicameral archetype for this card, Achilles is opportune because of his reactionary fixed  automatic responses […]

Tarot Strength, Sun Leo, tarot major arcana card Strength

Sensation, Tarot Hierophant, Sun Enters Taurus

Sensation, Tarot Hierophant Sensation, Tarot Hierophant represents a quality within ourselves that registers an awareness of phenomenon. It is not the elucidation of the phenomenon but the bringing to our attention that there is something of which we are not cognizant. Admitting we are uninformed about a subject or situation is our door to  exiting ourselves from the thralldom of what is holding us back. It is the first step to our educating ourselves on how we resolve the influence. Overcoming fear of the dark is our next step on the path to cognition of the paradox. See Tarot Hermit and […]

Sun Taurus, Sensation

Freedom, Tarot Emperor, Sun Enters Aries

Freedom, Tarot Emperor, Sun Enters Aries Freedom is a concept rationalized through Sun Aries and depicted in the image of the major arcana tarot card Emperor. He is depicted as Lord of both worlds, Upper and Lower Egypt, symbolized by the plants of these two regions, the lotus and the papyrus. From a metaphysical perspective, these two worlds are the seen and unseen, the waking self and our subconscious self. The principles are represented in ancient Egyptian belief as our Ka, conscious self, and our Ba, our daemon, unconscious self. It is the fusion of these two principles, that bestows upon […]

Sun enters Aries, allocated to tarot major arcana card Emperor.