Sun in Capricorn, Tarot Devil, The Goat God Cometh

Humor overcomes adversity

The Goat God Cometh, Tarot Dark Lord Tarot Devil, Sun in Capricorn from Tarot of the Morning Star. In this depiction of the Dark Lord,Tarot Devil from Tarot of the Morning Star, we observe the central figure displaying the personality required for facing adversity, a sense of humor, the dark lord meaning in tarot,

Two Earth, Two Pentacles, Tarot Dark Lord from Tarot of the Morning Star. Signifies Harmonious Change, Sun in Capricorn
Two Earth, Two Pentacles, tarot Devil.
Three Earth Three Pentacles
Three Earth, Three Pentacles, tarot Devil.
Four Earth, Pentacles, coins
Four Earth Four Pentacles


Capricorn Goat Mother of the Sun

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