Tarot Three Earth, Three Pentacles

Tarot Three Earth, Three Pentacles

Three Earth Three Pentacles Three Coins from Tarot of the Morning Star by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson. Tarot Three Earth Three Pentacles and each of the other minor arcana cards, numbered Three, exhibit characteristics ascribed to Binah, the third sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life.
Three Earth, Three Pentacles

Three Earth, Pentacles, Coins and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered Three, express attributes of Binah, the third sphere on the QBL Tree of life whose title is Understanding. 

Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence

The planetary correspondence of Binah is Saturn and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Three”, exhibit this planet’s quality colored by their corresponding elemental suit of  fire, water, air or earth.

These four suits correspond to the four worlds of the QBL: Fire: Atziluth, Water: Briah, Air: Yetzirah and Earth: Assiah.

Keep in mind the influence of Three is a backdrop to all the other qualities expressed within this card. 

The third letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Gimel whose meaning is camel. Give yourself time to think on the correspondances related to camel and how the collage of these aspects builds upon your understanding of what the card represents. 

Tarot Three Earth Astrological Decan Allocation

This card is allocated to the Second decan of Capricorn whose planetary attribution is Mars, tarot major arcana correspondence Tower.

The combination of Capricorn and decan planetary attribute of Mars is summed up in the card’s title of Material Works

Mars in Capricorn represents a forceful drive to construct and a need to impose our will upon the physical environment. It represents a realization of material ambitions and the possessions that success brings.

It signifies a powerful ambition to achieve and rise above one’s peers. This is confined not only to possessions but also worldly position and how one is perceived by others. Taken to an extreme it can lead to a fanatic drive to achieve the impossible. 


Material Works, is the quality expressed by a Capricorn/Mars  combination under the influence of Earth.

A promising opportunity signaled by the previous card Change has fruitioned under the influence of Saturn in to Material Works through conservative financial transactions,strong material growth and the accumulation of physical worth that success can bring. Be aware that this is not  just financial but worldly physical appearances and social standing.

Negatively the influence of the card signals narrowness of vision, selfishly seeking only one’s personal advancement even at the expense of others. 

Positively Material Works, can be directed towards accomplishing success not only for one’s self but through altruistic projects for the betterment of all. In a spiritual sense we witness here the flowering of humanitarian vision through love and a desire to work for all.

In considering one’s personal health the influences behind the card represent our focus on pursuing a balanced lifestyle, insuring that our environment works in combination with our physical body.

It (It’s focus?) is to be aware of one’s body with a desire to improve its physical condition through building upon  its strength and prowess so it becomes a more versatile and longer lasting machine.

Personality Type

The character qualities of the court card Queen of Earth are those best suited to receive and translate the specific ancestral voice of this decan.

Queen of Earth expresses personality qualities that exhibit patience and direction in material undertakings in contrast to the decan Mars in Capricorn combination that signals a juggernaut drive to achieve wealth, social standing and accumulation. This Queens qualities temper and harness powerful desire so that  it’s directed towards constructive ends.

Decan Signature

In our failure to understand what any minor arcana card is saying, we should allow ourselves to be driven back to our specific inner voice of the decan for resolution.

In this example of Three Earth, the conjunction of major arcana cards Devil and Tower, corresponding to Capricorn and Mars, are the specific signature of this decan and will be projected through the personality type represented by the Queen of Earth whose elemental quality is Water of Earth.

Devil, Three Earth, Three Pentacles,Three Coins

Tarot Tower

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