On The Arrival Of The Machine And Its Mode Of Operation: An Occult Adventure

occult music

Occult Music

This collection of occult music was recorded in 2002 by the mysterious author and occult personality Roger Williamson and Jealous Jester. 

Meditations taken from  Howling at the Sky:  Draconian Architecture and the Sabian Keys are set to the other worldly rhythms of the Jealous Jester, spoken word is by Roger Williamson.

This collection of stories and occult music set to hypnotic beats drive the listener into the heart of the machine where consciousness is ground into a flexible medium making it adaptable for acclimatization into the environment of the dimension it is transported to.

The story On The Arrival of the Machine and its Mode of Operation is included in The Second Haunts and Horrors Magapack a collection of dark fantasy and horror stories



1. The Masque and the Masqued

  • The Masque and the Masqued
  • Banishing Machine of the Pentagram
  • The Rite of Set
  • Labyrinth

2. On The Arrival of the Machine

3. The Howling

Roger Williamson Band, London 1970’s    

Studio Sessions 1969

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