Princess of Fire

Princess of Fire, Earth of Fire


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Tarot Princess of Fire, Earth of Fire
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He Called on His Idyll and then She Took Him

Princess of Fire, Princess of Wands corresponding to tattwa symbol  Earth of Fire.

Tattwa Earth of Fire

Personality Type

The Princess of Fire, also known as the Page of Wands, is a card from the tarot deck representing a young and enthusiastic woman full of energy, passion, and ambition. She embodies the vibrant and dynamic qualities of originality associated with the element of fire. This Princess is depicted as a confident and independent figure. Her red hair illustrates upon her dress signifying her enthusiasm and zest for life. These free-spirited garments suggest her determination to explore new ideas and embrace change.

This personality type signifies the youthful daring, and adventurous nature of the Princess of Fire. She is not afraid to take risks or embark on new ventures, making her a symbol of inspiration, innovation, and courage. She is driven by her passions and believes in herself, displaying a strong sense of self-confidence and creativity.

This Princess represents the spark of inspiration and the beginning of new endeavors. She is often associated with artistic and or entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as a thirst for knowledge and personal advancement. This card encourages the seeker to embrace their passions, pursue their dreams, and follow the dictates of their inner voice.

However, as with any fire-related energy, caution is advised. The Princess of Fire’s enthusiasm and impulsive nature can sometimes lead to recklessness. It is essential to balance her exuberance with rationality and patience to avoid burning out or losing focus.

As the throne of the Ace of Fire, Princess of Fire is our first cognizant awareness of the emergence of this element when it interacts with our biological machine. The Princess of Fire embodies the youthful spirit, creativity, and drive within us. She encourages us to embrace our passions, take risks, and pursue our dreams with determination and excitement.

To sum up, tarot images can be considered materialization of what were once oracular instructions voiced by invisible or hallucinated fields of energy.

Princesses, Princes, and Aces have unique relationships with each other This is a magickal formula illustrated in the Diagram Princes and Princesses


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