Shamanism, Calling up the Anima Spirit

Shamanism, Oil on canvas, 72 inches by 24 inches, 2009.  Price on request.

The shaman, whose vehicle is drumming, journeys inward and outward through peeling off the masks of personality until discovering his vital creative ability: the inner seed, his animating spirit, daemon and immortal self.

The vibrational pulse waves of the drumming are in synch with the organic electro-magnetic pulse waves which permeate all of existence.

Calling Up The Anima Spirit

In the Western Magical Tradition  The Merkabah, Throne Chariot of God, was believed in early Cabalistic, see QBL,  literature to offer shamanic experience through levels of heavenly realms as detailed in the vision of Ezekiel.  In modern language, the Merkabah is a vehicle used to experience different realms of reality.  The objective of experiencing these realms of reality is to expand our consciousness so that we might live more dynamic and exciting lives.

A shortcut to these realms can be obtained by the use of hallucinogenic drugs.  However, this method of passage, although offering the experience of the realm, does not necessarily provide an understanding of its language or dynamics or the ability to control the dialogue or experience.

One should refer to the major arcana tarot card of The Moon for the symbolism, dangers and precautions necessary when utilizing the shortcut method.

There are many doors leading from this world into the infinite, and the QBL is just one of many entrances.

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