She Part One: In the Den of Ereshkigal

Ishtar wakes in the lair of her sister Ereshkigal

This is symbolic of our own awakening, to the realization, that we have sacrificed our creative dreams to the dictates of conformity.

We experience the underworld to tap the juice that will resurrect our own unique universe.

A Video in Two Parts Featuring a painting by Roger Williamson set to music by Comets Ov Cupid.

In the first decade of the 21st century a transmission from the zodiacal sign of Scorpio drew three individuals together to create what would come to known as The Circle“.  It was from within “The Circle” that an aspect of Ishtar was to be reborn.

The Circle or cell, as sometimes called, conducted an intercourse with the entity lasting several years using the languages of dream linguistics.

She Preview
She Part Two: Alchemy of Sound and Vision

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