Silver Star: A Journal of New Magick

Silver Star: A Journal of New Magick Paperback – April 3, 2023

This edition features two of my works,  Evokation and Witch: Circe Weaves Her Spell of Summoning

silver star journal featured art work
Circe" original fine art oil painting by Minneapolis, Minnesota visual artist Roger Williamson, witch, ancient Greece, mythology
Witch: Circe’ Weaves Her Spell of Summoning

Silver Star Journal Spring 2023Silver Star Journal is a unique journal of magick. Totally eclectic, with a focus on serious practical and theoretical essays, fiction, rituals, art and poetry that express The High Art: those countless aspects of magick and alchemy of the ‘Great Work’.

While being in a sense a magickal child of The Horus/Maat Lodge, Silver Star is not limited in any way to being a ‘house organ’ for the Lodge. Silver Star seeks to provide an open source and forum for all serious Adepts who will to share with their Brothers and Sisters the work of the Art Magick. A closed system dies. We seek to help inspire the metaphysical knowledge of the New Gnosis as an open system. Our simple goal: The magickal evolution of humanity.

Silver Star Spring 2023 includes contributions (text and visuals) from Rui Luis, David Ballard, Gloria Night, Peter Duchemin, Aion 131, Saddie LaMort, Manuel A. Sousa, Shade Oroboros, Nema, Rebel Magi, Roger Williamson, Frater 273, Edgar Kerval, Vinicius Xavier, Hagen Von Tulien, Virescit Vulnere Virtus, Dahila Damissa, The Temple of Babalon Choronzon, André Consciência, Fr. Choaccon, Bryan Child, Leo, Shreeram Iyer, Tom Clements, Fr. Nemus, Nathan Castellanos, Kyzar Bouda, Ricardo Meyer, Barry Hale, and Victoria Amadea Sulayman, with a cover illustration by Rebel Magi.

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