Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver:

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Hypnos Skein of the Dream Weaver

The Labyrinthine Domain of Hypnos

Dream Weaver, oil on wood, 34 x 48 inches, 2021

Dreaming sleep, the realm of Hypnos, whose influence upon us is to release healing vibrations, stimulating the resolution of our conflicts. 

This consequence is symbolically represented in the foreground of the painting by poppy pods whose exhaling breath of lustrous trance-inducing vibrations is the vehicle of restitution.

The poppies symbolize the healing balm of natural pharmaceuticals. When controlled, they provide relief from pain and suffering in contradiction to our loss of will through falling victim to their addictive qualities.

The dream weaver background landscape depicts the electromagnetic soup of the universe. A vibrational chromatic spectrum of color, sound, time, and emotion, a sea through which we are compelled to navigate. 

Here we build our relationships with forces of the infinite that are outside the dichotomy of good and evil. In this theatrical stage of magickal technique¹, we communicate with influences regarded as alien to conventional thinking..

Negative consequences we can experience here are the result of being dominated by the magically induced schizophrenic current. It’s a fine line between conversing with our daemons and being abducted by them. Should the latter occur we become entangled in the addictive labyrinthine skein of the Dreaming God. This is the consequence of the protective machines of the magickal technique being ignored. 

Failure in successful navigation and interaction with these realms results in our being sucked dry so that we become little more than withered shells, soulless automatons, devoid of any sense of personal identity. We become drone-like vehicles of what we do not understand or even desire to know, constructs compelled by alien influences.

¹Magick is a technique for inducing a schizophrenic condition, in its practitioner, the condition requires insight and conversation with other dimensional entities—visual and audio communication with entities outside of the everyday condition of the individual. Many people are turned off by the term schizophrenic because they have preconceived negative opinions of the phenomena drummed into them by society. Society would have us believe there are no positive advantages to the state. However, I believe dedicated practitioners of magick and shamanism would disagree.

The purpose of Magick is to induce a controlled state of schizophrenia because that is the mental state conducive to the reception of audio and visual communications from outside of the reasoning mind. What or where this outside is is another question and one must ask whether it matters.

Magick like shamanism offers the techniques to release one’s self from the prison of religion and conventionality through an adventure into the light of self-empowerment.

Original painting available from Saatchi Art