Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa, The Secret

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Sub Rosa, an explanation of the titles’ relationship to Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn symbolism and philosophy.

Sub Rosa, The Secret, oil on wood, 12 inches by 12 inches, 2020. The painting was created using the same technique as that of Blue Dream

Sub Rosa “beneath the rose” to speak in confidence.

Through its promise of secrecy, a rose carved or hung above a council meeting table symbolized the freedom to speak candidly and freely without fear of repercussions.

The background of the painting depicts this flower of secrecy, the rose.

The rose is also a prime esoteric symbol of Rosicrucianism, a society/brotherhood strongly associated with secrecy and a prime influence upon the founding principles of The Order of the Golden Dawn.

The Rose Cross Lamen of the Golden Dawn depicts the Rose in the center of the cross of the four elements. The petals of this rose are allocated to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as representing the forces behind existence. The diagram dynamically illustrates revelation of the hidden world when all is in its place and balanced.

This Rose Cross emblem is described as the “Key of Sigils and Rituals” because of its combination of colors, Hebrew letters and astrological and elemental symbols to depict the Great Work itself.

Traditionally, the possessor  of this symbol was an individual who had through magical practice assimilated the teaching of the five elemental grades of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit to gain knowledge and conversation with their personal Holy Guardian Angel or Daemon.

This conversation is a secret held between the Daemon and the physical representative of the Daemons essence, the magical practitioner.