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Hanged Man Explained

Hanged Man Explained An explanation of the Hanged Man according to the philosophy of the Tarot of the Morning Star Consciousness is given up to sleep and our nocturnal eidolon in the image of a bat is released to hunt through our dreams. The self sacrifice of the Hanged Man is the projecting of the reasoning mind into the phantasmagoric realm of conscious dreaming which opens during astral projection or controlled sleep. Tarot of the Morning Star The Tarot of the Morning Star is a small limited edition tarot of only 75 copies, created by Roger Williamson and published in the […]

Hanged Man Major Arcana Tarot

High Priestess an Explanation

High Priestess Tarot Card, An Explanation High Priestess: The coming of the Witch Queen The High Priestess tarot card represents what is mysterious and intriguing as well as announcing the arrival of psychic revelation. On a more everyday level she can personify how someone sees you, your personality type and your feelings in general. While the major arcana High Priestess maintains her mystery she has power, if she was to reveal her mystery she would lose her power for mystery is energy. It is this quality of the High Priestess that that gives here a correspondence to the sphinx. Because […]

High Priestess tarot card, High Priestess how someone sees you, mystery,sphinx