Tarot Card Aces

Tarot Aces  

Ace of Fire, Ace of Wands, tarot aces

Ace of Water, Ace of Cups, tarot aces

Ace of Air, Ace of Swords

Ace of Earth, Ace of Pentacles

Each Ace is quiescent, an atmosphere only: it is an indicator that conditions are auspicious for a specific type of event to occur. The Ace is not the catalyst, but it is the harbinger of the catalyst: a secret seed of potential realized upon the fusion of our conscious self with our daemon, represented by the Prince and the Princess Court Cards, upon recognizing their objective, which is union with one another.
The Ace is silent prior to the spark of fertilization. What was a ghost morphs and crystallizes into something new and original.
Keep in mind, this is the interplay of the waking self and the inner daemon.
The Ace is a sign of the moment when a person is ready to commit and bring forth the foundation for a new experience.
It is a sign of intention, of the imminent start of a new adventure. The Ace is a sign of the forces of change and transformation that are at work, and of the courage and tenacity needed to bring forth the outcome of a dream.

Each Tarot Ace represents a state of potential for the possible occurrence of a future event which may or may not  occur. An event corresponding with the world of the QBL the individual Ace is assigned. Fire Atziluth, Water Briah, Air Yetzirah and Earth Assiah.

Symbolically Aces represent interactions going on behind closed doors, which may or may not result in an impact upon ourselves. The intuitive individual who has honestly examined their past life actions will be better equipped than the average individual to penetrate and predict the possible impact upon themselves of what opening the door might bring.

Tarot Ace Elemental Qualities

Fire is force, impulse, energy and rush signifying natural force as opposed to invoked force.

Water represents beauty, fertility, artistry and happiness. A harmony of diversity.

Air is an invoked force in contrast to the natural force of Fire. Implies human decision making.

Earth is materiality, gain, wealth and power. It is an environment of illusion where it is easy for us to be deceived that its qualities are permanent.

Original Ace Interpretation