Tarot Knight of Air Knight of Swords

Tarot Knight of Air, Fire of Air

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Tarot Knight of Air, Knight of Swords

Tarot Knight of Air Knight of Swords rules from 20 degrees Taurus  through 20 degrees Gemini

Knight of Air represents the human machine personality type Fire of Air, attributed to the astrological sign Libra, corresponding to the tarot major arcana card Justice

Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence

Tarot Knights fall on Chokmah, the second sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life, whose title is Wisdom and which has the planetary attribute of Uranus. This sephirothic influence hybridized with the world of Yetzirah , to which Air is allocated and whose title is Formation, inscribed a signature of reference upon this human personality type Knight of Air. This signature exemplifies (within the perceptions of those who come into proximity with this character) a conclusion that they are in the presence of an articulate, fast-thinking  individual, while simultaneously provoking a modicum of misgivings derived from the inherent strange and volatile qualities of Uranus 

From the title of Yetzirah, Formation,  we can deduce that creative impulses of the previous worlds of Atziluth/Fire and Briah/Water are conceptualized here into a specific plan to be materialized in the fourth world Assiah.

Probing analytical thinking is the formative characteristic drive of Knight of Air seeking out unexpected patterns and connections, introducing originality and inventiveness into what might otherwise be repetitiveness or duplication.

This combination of Uranus and the impulsive aspect of Fire of Air serves as a backdrop upon which other personality traits of this individual will be projected, colored by qualities of adjacent cards. It is very important to take into account these adjacent cards because their influence illustrates that each card is not just a compilation of keywords but a rich mandala of variables.

Personality Type

As with each of the Knight cards, Knight of Air personality types are enthusiastic about whatever they happen to be tuned into but have short attention spans, with little capacity to focus for an extended period. 

 Knight of Air represents a personality capable of introducing original concepts into topics and discussions bringing freshness into what might otherwise be turgid or repetitive exchanges for lively debate. 

This temperament is ideally suited for brainstorming sessions provided that other individuals of a not-too-sensitive disposition are present. Because Knight of Air has cutting intonation with unconscious regard for the sensitivity of others, one can’t take personal offense with verbal exchanges. 

These personality types are also prone to go off on tangents with effects that can result in what is scattered, disordered, thinking where discussion and logic become lost in their rhetorical mazes, projecting thought patterns that are perceived as scrambled. However, it’s not that they (are) scrambled, it’s that these individuals, in their Socratic quest for diverse perspectives to comprehend the focus of their objectives, cannot articulate their findings in a form that is comprehensible to the everyday person. 

Concepts, when given the time to be thought out, face the danger of being delayed or put on one side never to be revealed, due to the indecisive influence of Libra or because the individual has moved on to other concepts.  

The influence of Libra on one side of her scale accentuates these traits by introducing indecisiveness, aggravating the decision-making process because of the need to weigh up all available options, which can then result in no determination at all. This obsession they have with detail and over-valuing small things often distracts them from seeing the big picture.

On the other side of the scale, they can be quick to pass judgment. However, these spontaneous judgments will on many occasions appear as weird and misguided to those of a conventional persuasion because this whiplash response is derived from subconscious stimuli that have little to no regard for human sensibilities or pleasantries. The unintended repercussions of this can result in friction from listeners who fail to realize this is not uncaring dialogue but automatic analytical response idiosyncrasies derived from the influence associated with Uranus. 

Be prepared for controversial and antagonistic speech patterns that can randomly shift focus when interacting with this personality type. Their ideas are radical and derived from bizarre perspectives on topics that are the focus of what is being debated. 

As is true with each of the four Knight personality types there is good reason for Knight of Air types to seek others of a less desultory nature to translate and make understandable what they attempt to express. 

Knight of Air types never appear to rest or need to rest deriving, their balance from the dynamism of objectives.

Their mental tendency is to be always restless, which can be epitomized as birds in flight, only settling momentarily, not for rest but for a fresh perspective. Much like the mannerisms we witness in small birds when not on the wing, Fire of Air personality types often make quizzical and abrupt, jerky movements as a result of their anxiety, brought on by status when grounded.

Because of these traits, Fire of Air types are prone to nervous overload.

Their temperament is unpredictable on occasions, for while appearing enthusiastic, they also exude patterns of strain and edginess expressed through nervously enunciated speech. These nervous speech traits echo and vibrate into their anatomical frame, resulting in the physical eccentricity of potentially contagious movements, infecting others who are within close proximity with similar symptoms of nervousness.

These character traits will be modified, as with all cards, by adjacent cards and by the elemental composition of the diviner or observer.

Physical Mannerisms

Knight of Air types can exude body movement mannerisms that have a staccato and abrupt operation. Even when focused on objectives, there is a quirky awkwardness to their physical movement, causing their appearance of locomotion to be insect or robotic-like. They have a propensity toward having a slim, stick-like appearance and sometimes a sad, El Greco-like countenance.

Tarot Knight of Air rules minor arcana decan cards Seven of Earth, Eight of Air, and Nine of Air, 20 degrees Taurus through 20 degrees Gemini.

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