Prince of Earth

Prince of Earth, Prince of Pentacles

Rules from 20 degrees Aries through 20 degrees Taurus

tarot prince of earth,air of earth
Prince of Earth, Air of Earth

Personality Type

The Prince of Earth personality type corresponds to Air of Earth, a temperament believing security is achieved through accumulating wealth, property and belongings. This can also be witnessed in their desire for collecting in general. Even if the urge to collect appears at first recreational there is an underlying subconscious desire to turn it into a financial enterprise.

Against these qualities the aspect of Air introduces sharp thinking stimulating urges to see beyond what a situation or item might at first appear to be. It is the intrinsic ability of these individuals to see beyond appearances and witness the seed of whatever is going on.

Socially this is a person quick to size up any situation and adjust their interaction with others to best advantage. This is symbolically illustrated through the image of the card which depicts an individual morphing from one form into another.

Here is a person who has all the makings of a good manager of people. A person with a capacity to detect in others their potential and understanding where they could be best placed in an organization. It is a natural ability they have to cut through appearances seeing in others what the other might not even be aware of within themselves.

Here we have a person ideally suited for practical projects, a person who can quantify practical applications for objects. They have a scope of vision on how to apply uses for things, an aptitude to crystalize diverse objects into a synthetic whole, to see patterns in diversity, which others may be unable to recognize.

Be aware, if it wasn’t for the influence of the element of Air, which introduces activity, there could be a tendency for this personality to put on excessive physical weight. 

Whether or not these desires to increase material standing as explained above are positive or negative will be revealed by adjacent cards.


Increase of materiality, a solidifying influence that is steady, reliable and one that practically applies things. Slow to anger but furious if roused.

Prince of Earth rules the third decan of Aries through the second degree of Taurus, the 4 of Fire the 5 of Earth and the 6 of Earth. 

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