Tarot Six Pentacles Six Earth

Six Earth Six Pentacles

Six Pentacles.. The card features an image of binary code for six upon a background of Earth
Six Earth, Six Pentacles, Moon in Taurus. Second decan of Taurus… Material Success

Six Earth, Six Pentacles. Each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered six express beauty, achievement and a state of well being. This is because six is the number of Tiphareth the sphere associated with Sol on theQBL Tree of life.

Six of Earth, Material Success corresponds to the second decan of the astrological sign Taurus whose planetary attribution is the Moon. The Major Arcana card attribution for Taurus is the Hierophant.

Material Success

Material trouble encountered in Five Earthhas been overcome or realized to be illusionary in Six Earth. Here we are  witnessing an achievement of material success after and through trouble. Empowered through difficulty the individual has risen through challenge to achieve a goal.

However one needs to be mindful that this is material success of a specific objective and does not necessarily indicate success in one’s life overall or necessarily financial reward.

Winning a battle does not necessarily mean winning a war.

Composure induced by success can result in distraction from perceiving the bigger picture, a prerequisite of failure in following through, sitting on one’s laurels.

This cocooned sense of well being and self satisfaction leads to loss of resolve illustrated in the following card Seven Earth, Abandoned Success.

History has demonstrated through countless examples that failure to act on an earned opportunity because of not taking full advantage in exploiting its potential, either because of fear or lack of vision, will ultimately bring a demise to what had been a sequence of gains.

Indication of the duration of the cards influence can be deduced from surrounding cards.

When failure to divine the cards meaning regarding a question one should allow ones mind to fall back upon the archetypal, bicameral influence of Major Arcana card Hierophant for elucidation.

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