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Tarot Six Pentacles Six Earth

Six Earth Six Pentacles Six Earth, Six Pentacles. Each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered six express beauty, achievement and a state of well being. This is because six is the number of Tiphareth the sphere associated with Sol on theQBL Tree of life. Six of Earth, Material Success corresponds to the second decan of the astrological sign Taurus whose planetary attribution is the Moon. The Major Arcana card attribution for Taurus is the Hierophant. Material Success Material trouble encountered in Five Earthhas been overcome or realized to be illusionary in Six Earth. Here we are  witnessing an achievement of […]

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Dance For Kali: A Review

Kali Time Pagan Art Without the Pentagram Pagan Art Without the Pentagram Goddess Kali Time, Posted by Steven Posch on Tuesday, 04 November 2014 in Culture Blogs Anyone who thinks of contemporary pagan art as the preserve of the fey, the twee, or the technically improficient needs to get his (or her) butt down to the Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists’ Samhain 2014 exhibit, Doorways to the Underworld, stat. There she (or he) will encounter confident, conceptually mature work by artists fully in command of their respective media. All this without pentagrams. Well, there’s one, but on that, more later. […]

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Atavistic Memories or Palimpsest Oil on wood, 48 inches by 24 inches,2014 Buy the original from Saatchi Art Atavistic Memories depicts a male human figure in the throes of recalling the tracks of his heritage back to the dawn of time. In displaying numerous characteristics from these epochs, he evokes the behavior and mannerisms of each in the present. The phenomenon is in harmony with shamanism, psychedelic experiences, creative dreaming and transformational psychology. First shown at Doorways to the Underworld exhibition, Stevens Square Center for the Arts, October 25th 2014 For related information see Dream Language Atavism is the tendency to revert to […]

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