Tarot Knight of Earth

Tarot Knight of Earth, Fire of Earth

Rules from 20 degrees Leo through 20 degrees Virgo

Tarot Knight of Earth, Knight of Pentacles, Court Card, Coins, Fire of Earth
Knight of Earth

Knight of Earth, Pentacles, Coins represents the human machine personality type Fire of Earth attributed to astrological sign Capricorn corresponding to tarot major arcana card Devil.

Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence

Tarot Knights fall on Chokmah the second sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life that has the planetary attribute of Uranus. In the case of Knight of Earth the planet’s progressive rebellious nature expressed through sudden change is suppressed by the heavy material quality of Earth.

Personality Type

With the Knight of Earth the element of Fire is suppressed creating a smoldering brooding quality. On occasion it can appear there is no drive whatsoever with this character because of a heavy and dull demeanor. This is even more expressed because the planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn a planet expressing restriction and order

However be aware that Knight of Earth types who typically express a patient and industrial focus can be provoked into unexpected explosive and possibly violent outbursts when Fire and Uranus are given an outlet to express themselves.

Knight of Earth types ability to focus, be pragmatic and reliable is the key to this personality type’s success in all material undertakings appearing as a natural and instinctive ability. They have resolve to follow through against all odds to achieve their goals. These traits are reinforced through the Uranus quality of objectivity. Uranus is not as a rule comfortable in Earth but in the instance of objectivity this facet of Uranus finds Earth to be a natural vehicle.

Knight of Earth types find success due to their solid work ethic and an aptitude for patiently working towards finishing what they begin whatever the opposition. 

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