Tarot Hanged Man

Tarot Hanged Man Major Arcana Tarot Card, Tarot of the Morning Star
Tarot major arcana card Hanged Man, from Tarot of the Morning Star.

Tarot Hanged Man 

Tarot Hanged Man where consciousness is sacrificed upon the altar of sleep, releasing our nocturnal eidolon to achieve its natural objectives. In the image of a bat, our daemon is free to hunt through the labyrinth of our dreams. It is within this nocturnal world where unresolved paradoxes, birthed in our conscious minds, are resolved through our courage to accept being vulnerable and accepting . See original painting of Hanged Man

This path corresponds to the element of water related to the powerful Plutonian depths of our subconscious minds where contact is established with other-dimensional entities.

On the QBL Tree of life this path connects Geburah with Hod, Severity with Splendor allocated to Mars and Mercury. The paths Hebrew letter is Mem meaning water.

Because our traditional concepts of language are not understood by the beings we encounter at these depths we are compelled to seek out new and diverse methods of communication as outlined in Dream Linguistics.

This is the world of the shaman.

Here Poseidon rules, and it is wise for us to remember his title of Earth Shaker because of his role in creating earthquakes, which was the possible cause for the destruction of Troy.

Poseidon’s title illustrates the impact this realm can inflict on our everyday lives.

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