Tarot Star

Tarot Star

tarot star, Star major arcana tarot card. Corresponds to the astrological sign of AquariusThe star above is mirrored by our planting a seed, magical act, or discovering a seed in our shadow, act of divination. The Star is the unknown future world.

As the sky is seeded above, so the world is seeded below.  As above, so below.

As an unconscious awareness of improvement the card represents hope faith and unexpected help. The star is the first inclining of one’s inner voice encouraging optimism and original thinking.

The female figure at the center of Tarot Star, is symbolically illustrating the subconscious influence behind the Key,

Tarot Star depicts a vague celestial body in the night sky. The top of the card is mirrored below by a seed, a seed that is being planted by the female figure, a magical act: or, discovering a seed in our shadow, an act of divination.

As the sky is seeded above, so the world is seeded below.  As above, so below.

The Star is an emergence of an unknown future world which is a harmonic resulting from a  combination of our personal world within interacting with the world without

The Star represents our first sensitivity to an approaching event. This sensation is often referred to as intuitive and has close parallels to hope and faith.

The Star is the focal point of  accumulated subconscious information that becomes what is referred to as an intuitive sensation, a visceral impression of an upcoming event. Some individuals may experience this subconscious phenomena as ghosts;. or, images having a ghost like nature.

We don’t know the origin of intuition because it is derived from what can be myriad sources distilled, gestated and cognized in a womb composed of an individual’s physiological, cardiovascular, skin, and nervous systems, prior to the occurrence of an impetus.

Tarot Star and Bicameral Mind Theory

As unconscious awareness of improvement, the card represents hope and faith as unexpected help. The star can also represent our first acumen of an inner voice, a voice that has always been there but a voice we have failed to discern.

According to bicameral mind theory, this voice was an intrinsic component of ancient human history. See The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind  by Julian Jaynes.

.This is a time to have faith and trust in this voice and have the courage to spontaneously act upon what it says.This is one reason it is imperative you have personal meanings of the cards memorized so you respond spontaneously to their appearance  This is a first step to personal empowerment; it is to trust yourself.

Development of these concepts is witnessed in the Major Arcana cards of Justice and Lovers

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