Tarot Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Wheel of Fortune

tarot wheel of fortune

Tarot wheel of fortune, to the adept fortune, spins both ways and yet is the same.

The Tarot Wheel of Fortune, from the Tarot of the Morning Star by Roger Williamson, symbolizes the ever-changing nature of fate and destiny. Life is in constant motion, with fortune leading in unexpected directions.  The Wheel of Fortune’s rotating wheel represents this perpetual shift, while its intricate details and symbolism guide the adept through fortune’s fluctuations.

Williamson’s Tarot deck adds depth with vibrant colors, evocative imagery, and alchemical symbolism. Through this multidimensional approach, the adept explores the interconnectedness of fortune with various aspects of existence.

The card Wheel of Fortune represents nature’s process of realignment in action. In essence, the Wheel of Fortune teaches that while fortune may change direction, its essence remains constant. Williamson’s artwork invites a transformative journey into the mysteries of the Tarot.

Original Painting available from Saatchi Art

Tarot of the Morning Star Book reprinted

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