Four Fire Tarot: Perfected Work

Four Fire Tarot Four Wands, Perfected Work

Tarot Four Fire

Tarot Four Fire, Four Wands and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered Four exhibit attributes of Chesed, the fourth sephira of the QBL.

Planetary Correspondence

The planetary correspondence of Chesed is Jupiter and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered “Four” express this planetary character, individualized by their specific elemental quality of either Fire, Water, Air  or Earth or the tarot suit of  Wands, Cups, Swords or Pentacles.

The astrological attributes of Jupiter can be summed up as representing a beneficial influence or nature. 

However, the expansive quality associated with Jupiter can result in excess and a tendency to over do things. 

This is emphasised in Four Fire because of Jupiter being in combination with fire sign Aries.

In this decan therefore, we might witness excessive enthusiasm for new projects or undertakings, leading to burn out.

With this scenario, the opportunity for potential growth through Four Fire can culminate in negation of positive traits.

Astrological Decan Allocation

Tarot Four Fire, Four Wands is the third decan of Aries whose planetary attribution is Venus. The (combined) combination of the two beneficial bodies of Jupiter and Venus is summed up by the card’s title of Perfected Work. 

The title is also appropriate because Four Fire is the culmination of a sequence that began with the Ace of Fire and developed through Two Fire and Three Fire to become the perfect evolution of what was initiated by the Ace. It is perfect since it is the completion of a cycle.

Be aware that the appearance of Perfected Work is not necessarily what we personally consider perfect for ourselves.

What is implied in Perfected Work is a culmination of a successful sequence of events initiated by the Ace. This may or may not be beneficial or in harmony with one’s personal ambition or objective in an undertaking.

The outcome of the sequence is dependent upon the sincerity of the initial objective, the Ace. Perfected Work’s placement and relationship with other cards within a reading is a visual representation of that sincerity.

Another result in achieving everything you want is raised by the image of the  “Gilded Cage”, a superficial and comfortable situation one is reluctant to leave. However attractive, it is still a cage where the locks and bars are in our own minds.

The analogy to a cage as illustrating success should not be an end and constraint on endeavor, but an inducement to continue to be tested so we can grow and desire to explore.

Achievement is a fuel to propel us to ongoing adventures as yet not dreamed of.

It is crucial to remember that Four of Fire might appear to be an end because of perceived achievement, but it is still only another step in a cycle.

There is no end; only points upon the circumference of a circle.

Personality Type

The character qualities of the court card Prince of Earth are those best suited to receive and translate the specific ancestral voice of the decan to resolve the enigma of the card’s appearance.

The practicality of Prince of Earth is an ideal vehicle for projecting the expansive influence of the card into a cohesive focus.

Prince of Earth has the instinctive ability to determine practical uses and applications for items and thoughts. 

This personality type is also adept at making decisions in regard to the selection of individuals for undertaking specific tasks.

Decan Signature

In our failure to understand what a card is saying, we should allow ourselves to be driven back on our inner voice for resolution. 

In this example of Four of Fire, the major arcana cards Emperor and Empress, corresponding to Aries and Venus, are the specific signature of this decan and will be voiced through the personality type represented by the Prince of Earth.

Prince of Earth emphasises the need for practicality with the appearance of Four of Fire.

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